Wine List


Sweet Red Muscadine- Produced from the Noble variety muscadine and carefully fermented to extract all the                                             fruity, tannic flavor. Sugar sweetened to perfection.

Semi - Sweet Red Muscadine - This wine has a blend of a traditional red wine and one of the south's greatest                                                       table wines.  MUSCADINE!!  Complete with a smooth but full taste and accented                                                   with the tannins of the Noble muscadine hull, this wine fills your mouth and                                                           finishes with just the right amount of Bite!

Dry Red Muscadine - This wine is the definition of a red wine.  With a dry, full,
  but smooth beginning and ending with that great Noble tannic spin.

Sweet White Muscadine -  Made from our Carlos muscadines, this sweet white wine is what every Muscadine 
   wine drinker is after.  It has a very fruity aromatic  smell.  And taste 
   just like you are sippin on some good old muscadine juice. 

Semi-Sweet White Muscadine- Just like the sweet white only less sweet. The lack of sugar give it a full                                                                Muscadine aroma and tons of natural fruit flavor. The perfect wine for summer.

Dry White Muscadine - Also from our Carlos Muscadine it has a light body 
     with a satisfying finish.  The dry variety allows you to taste all the 
     flavors of the white Carlos Muscadine just with a kick. 

Sweet Blueberry - A great wine for desert!  A smooth, sweet blueberry taste with a kick!  Dylan did an excellent                                job capturing the sweet light taste of the southern grown blueberry!  (Sold out )

Dry Blueberry - A new and interesting spin on blueberry wine. A great meal match for your lighter red meats.                         Smooth and simple just the way southern wine should be.​ ( Sold out )

Peach - Oh Boy!!! What a great hit we have here! My cousin has really outdone himself this time.  Just like biting                into a good ole southern grown peach!   A wonderful taste to add to his already impressive resume of       wines!           

Sweet Blush - This much anticipated wine is our biggest hit ever!  It has a smooth muscadine taste without the tanic taste             of the red wines. Made from the ripest Noble Muscadines in our Vineyard it is an instant hit! 

Semi Sweet Blush- A Sweet blend of a little sweet and a little dry is a wonderful combination! Come and try a wonderful bite of Muscadine! 

Dry Blush - Our red Noble berries treated like whites leaves a smooth rose' dry wine with a slight bite of tannins. 
 The fruity flavor and dazzling color make it as tasty as it is beautiful.
Strawberry - A sweet and super fruity delicacy; true beauty in color and composition.

Blackberry - A bold and rich wine that is a perfect balance of sweet and tart. Aromas are reminiscent of cobbler or                    jam!